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Uniform Policy

Thank you for your continued support of the Long Beach Unified School District's mandatory Uniform Policy. Please remember that the uniform policy remains the same throughout the school year. As your child/children leave for school each day, please be sure that they are in compliance with the requirements listed below. In case of economic hardship, please contact the main office for assistance with obtaining uniforms.

Shirts and Blouses:  White or navy polo style with a collar. White T-shirts may be worn only under the uniform shirt. The shirts must be appropriate size. Burbank spirit shirts are considered uniform.

Pants:  Navy only. No sweat pants, tight fitting pants, or oversized pants.

Dresses, Jumpers and Shorts:  Navy only. Very short outfits are not allowed.

Miscellaneous:  No beanies, sport headbands, wave caps, handkerchiefs or combs in hair. No initial belt buckles, studded, or long belts. No clothing or accessories that are unsafe or dangerous (heavy chains, rings, hoops or dangling earrings, chained wallets, etc.) are allowed. All shoes must be closed toes and heels and be sport or tennis style. No high heels, hard sole boots, platforms, or sandals.