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Student Resources

Links for Students

Click on any of these links to practice your skills.


Reading: (Grades K-1): (  

Reading: (Grades K-2): Literacy Concepts (BBC Bitesize Activities)

Vocabulary: (Grades 5): Synonyms (

Reading and Math: (Grades 3-5 Skills Practice ( 

Math Book: Login in here to access your math book and activities (

Math: (Grades 2-5): Mixed (Oswego City School District) 

Math/Science/Technology: (Grades 2-5): Practice Tests (Jefferson Lab, Virginia)

Math: (Grades K-1): Kinder Math (

Math: (Grades K-5): Number (Math Variety)

Math: (Grades K-5) Math Facts Practice

Math and Reading: (Grades PreK-5): Strategy and Skills (

Typing: (Grades 2-5): Lessons (Dance Mat Typing BBC)

Nutrition:  (Grades 2-4): Food Detective (Kaiser Permanente)

Science:  (Grades 3-5) Interactive Science Resources (Crickweb)

Science:  (Grades 3-5) Water Cycle (Kidzone)

Power My Learning: (Grades PreK-12): All Websites with Strategy and Skills ( -Ms. D

Images: (Grades 3-5): (

Burbank Science Festival (Grades 2-5 )